Divorce & Separation

Rest assured, we’ll help you progress as quickly as possible.

If your marriage has come to an end, we will offer you specialist advice at every step of the way and help you to overcome the difficulties that will inevitably face you at this challenging time.

We can discuss the options available to you and if appropriate, advise you on divorce proceedings.
For some people, divorce may not be an option. You may wish to think about the future of the marriage whilst living separately from your partner but with family and financial arrangements in place. We can help draw up a formal separation agreement which will cover issues of maintenance, the children and family home.

Rather than make you read lengthy documents on this site we’d rather you access the facts and discuss your individual circumstances immediately.  So if you are thinking about divorce or separation and would like a free half hour discussion with us to find out where you stand, the issues you need to consider and the fees we would charge if you were to pursue matters – feel free to contact us direct.