Apr 23, 2020

Covid 19 - We're Still Here

Despite the country being in lockdown now for several weeks all of us here have at Symonds Solicitors have been working hard from our various homes. As we all know working from home brings various challenges especially those of us home schooling with young families a particular new challenge that both Vicky and Fran have been juggling with their usual level of good humour and patience.

We’ve also been on a bit of learning curve with all the new systems the courts have put in place to progress hearings where possible but as ever we’ve worked well as a team and Fran has us all hooked up with the necessary technology. Martin has become a whizz with various methods of technology (what’s that about teaching an old dog new tricks?).

We understand that is a very difficult time for all our clients and others within the community and are therefore smoothing out as many difficulties as possible to continue to run as normal.

We are able to take new instructions and assist all our clients and those requiring our assistance during these difficult times and have as always adapted to new and challenging times.

We hope all our clients, friends and contact within the local community are staying safe and well