Jul 12, 2019

Why Should you Instruct Us? Because Small Firms Attract the Best and The Brightest.

Research by Lexis Nexis has shown that over two thirds of solicitors who had previously worked for medium, large or top tier firms are now moving to smaller firms. Why?

It’s simple, smaller firms give solicitors a greater ability to really work with their client and not have so much internal bureaucracy to deal with. It also allows solicitors to remain in control and of course it means client’s therefore see one solicitor and don’t get pushed from one solicitor to another.

Smaller firms are also considered to be more agile and better able to respond to changing client conditions and client requirements.

All of this gives a better experience for clients.

So it’s not surprising that fewer than 2 out of 10 solicitors asked wanted to work for larger firms.

Referenced from The Law Society Gazette 8th July 2019.