Jan 26, 2017

Launch of Plymouth Collaborative Law Group

 Fourteen specialist family lawyers from firms across the city have come together to make a less confrontational option available to divorcing or separated couples in Plymouth.
The launch of the Plymouth Collaborative Law group, known as Plympod, sees the collaborative law option officially open to couples who are seeking to resolve their differences without the need for expensive and emotionally damaging court proceedings.
The collaborative law process is based around a series of face-to-face meetings between the lawyers and the couple which encourages open communication and ensures that both parties sign an agreement to ensure that they will not use or threaten court proceedings to resolve their differences.
Lawyers from several leading law firms in Plymouth, including Symonds Solicitors, have embraced the concept and undertaken extensive training to ensure that collaborative law is now widely available in Plymouth.
The official launch took place in May and saw over 50 people meet the lawyers trained in collaborative law and find out more about the process.
To find out more about collaborative law click here http://www.symonds-solicitors.co.uk/specialisms/collaborative-law/ or visit www.plympod.co.uk.